By Web Developers Notes – Website Web sites, like other “worldly” things, can be classified into various categories. This page has a list of the different types of web sites based on the content and features offered. However, content can be varied, and with this in mind, I have tried […]

Types of web sites – a categorization based on content

There will come a point where all your efforts in optimizing the site and promoting it online seem to be not working. This can be frustrating especially if you have infused a lot of money and effort into these ventures. If you are on this stage, and you don’t want […]

Is it Time to Hire a Firm Providing SEO Services? ...

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1. To establish your online presence Over 17 million Canadians (millions more worldwide) have access to the internet from their homes. Be part of the online community and enjoy its benefits. 2. To advertise your business This of your website as a online brochure that is available 24/7. It doesn’t […]

Top 10 Reasons For Having A Website – Gary Oosterhuis

When viewing a website, it’s not always apparent if it’s static or dynamic. That’s because the differences lie not in the design, but back-end functionality. A static website is really just a collection of HTML files hosted on one domain. When you view the homepage, you’re looking at the actual […]

Static vs. Dynamic websites